>I think AF will be here any minute now, or at least today. My temp is still high, but I’ve had some spotting. It went away, but that’s usually how AF starts. I’m slightly disappointed (that temp rise yesterday did get my hopes up a little), but I am pretty pleased with how things are going overall (of course, being pregnant would make me MORE pleased, but I’m trying to stay positive.). I’ve been making a mental list of the positive developments this cycle:

– I ovulated earlier
– My lp was a SOLID 12 days, with no spotting
– My post O temps are slightly higher
– I had good amounts of EWCM
– I am a lot less bloated than I usually am at the start of AF

Even though I’m probably not pregnant, this is all good for my next cycle. So, if/when AF starts, this is my plan for next cycle:

– castor oil pack during AF/first week in cycle
– weekly acupuncture
– vitex 2 x’s a day
– natural progesterone after O
– decreased consumption of gluten and refined carbs; increase in veggies and lean meat
– call for Dr.’s appt for 2nd opinion/add’l testing