>Despite FF’s attempts to convince me that I was pregnant by adding points to its pregnancy probability calculator (or whatever it’s called) with each passing day, I was right – AF arrived last night. I’m stunned by the length of my luteal phase – 14 days! That has NEVER happened. I almost started to wonder if my temps or my O date was off (my temps were a little erratic, so it’s possible), but no matter how many temps I discarded, FF kept my O date solidly at CD 11. I wondered if I really O’d on CD 15, but I did have EWCM around CD 10-11. Plus, I got the + opk on CD 12 (and didn’t use any opk’s before CD 12), which would have put ovulation no later than CD 13 or 14. With all that in mind, I guess it really could have been CD 11, and the herbs and acupuncture really did lengthen my lp. That’s great news!

I was a little bummed that AF arrived, but really, I feel good, and I am making progress. I hope this all results in a pregnancy, but even if it doesn’t, I don’t look at it as a waste. I feel clam, relaxed, and happy (as happy as I can be when I can’t get pregnant, anyway!), and those are all good things.

I hope everyone has a good weekend, and if you have time, check out Callmemama/Sarah’s (http://callmemama.wordpress.com/) live online auction to help raise money for their adoption: http://thescottsblog.wordpress.com/. I hope it’s a huge success!