My bbt is so low this cycle…it’s really strange! I had one high post-O temp, but I was up until 3:30 am the night before! That’s so beyond unusual for me, so I’m thinking that going to bed so late disrupted my sleep and caused a crazy high temp in the a.m. Aside from that one, my temps are barely higher than they were before ovulating…doesn’t seem good. They aren’t erratic like they were last cycle, but my December temps are the best looking yet, and that’s when I had only gone to acupuncture for a few weeks. It’s frustrating. 😦 I’m hoping things shift a little over the next few days, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I have another long lp so I at least know I’m making some kind of progress.

(I also screwed up my temp yesterday, and I don’t know if it’s supposed to be 97.9 or 97.7. I just don’t remember what the thermometer said! 7 and 9 look kind of familiar, so I’m just not sure. I had it at 97.9 yesterday, but when I saw how low my temp was this morning, I switched it to 97.7. Grrr…)

I’m realizing with each passing day/week/month that I really should see a doctor. I almost made an appointment yesterday, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’m going to force myself to call by Friday, though, so I can get this looming, nagging thing out of the way. I keep wishing I would just get pregnant already so I wouldn’t have to make the appointment! I’d so much rather be making an appointment because I’m pregnant than because I’m infertile!