Since I quit going to acupuncture and taking herbs and monitoring everything related to my cycle, I have felt pretty good. My period was actually lighter (slightly) and less painful, which was a pleasant surprise. I do remember thinking that my periods were getting worse with acupuncture, but it could have been from the vitex (which she had me start taking when I started acupuncture). Either way, it was less painful, and that was a good thing. I felt like I even had less ovarian pain during ovulation this cycle, and regardless of what that means, I like it. If I can’t get pregnant, I want to minimize my ovarian and uterine pain as much as possible.

I do have to admit, though, that I had a slight tinge of spotting after running the other day, and that’s definitely not a step in the right direction. It was really minimal (almost where I wasn’t sure if it even was spotting), so I’m not overly concerned, but I’ll mention it to my doctor when I go in a few weeks.

I’ve been eating well and getting into better shape. I’m still running. I started doing yoga again, and it feels great! It feels like such a good balance with running, and I feel like I’m already adding some long lost muscle to my upper body.

We have a lot of fun things coming up – concerts, trips, and weekends away – and the weather has been fantastic.

Why then, in the middle of all this – do I have a dream that I find out I’m pregnant?

I woke up sort of stunned, and really, a little mad at my subconscious. Can’t we just let it go???