We met with the RE today. I really liked her, and I liked the rest of the staff and the facility. We’re in the testing phase, and I have a whole list of things I’m supposed to do in the next week – blood work tomorrow, hsg within the week (need to schedule that), and fill a prescription for antibiotics (in preparation for the hsg). Then, I’m assuming we’ll check back in and see what she says. She was totally not concerned about the LEEP procedure I had in July (as far as it would impact treatment), so that was good news.

She did an ultrasound today (the REs in this practice do their own ultrasounds – yay!), and she saw a large cyst on my left ovary. She thinks it might be an endometrioma, so she wants to look again in a few weeks. She said she could be wrong, but that it looks like a ‘classic endometrioma.’ I was really surprised. While I realize it’s possible I could have had endo all this time and not known it, I wasn’t expecting her to see anything like that. So, we’ll see how things look in the next few weeks. I can’t say I’d be totally surprised, because I have a lot of other symptoms that could point to endo, but it is more surprising that it could have gone undiagnosed for so long. On the plus side, my right ovary looked really good, and she said she could see some follicles, which she said was a good sign, considering my age.  My uterus looks good, too, and since I haven’t had anyone look at my uterus in almost 10 years, that was good to hear!

My bigger concern is how my fsh will be, so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that my ovarian reserve is still ok!

It seems like after this week, we’ll have a better idea of what’s going on, and what our options might be. Fingers crossed!!!