When I saw my new RE in February, she mentioned many times how well the timing was working out, since I was seeing her on CD2. She said I’d be able to get all my tests done within a week – the bloodwork, ultrasound, and hsg – and wouldn’t have to waste time waiting for my next cycle to start. She was right – I had all my tests done in a week, and M’s were done just a few days after that. Once all our results were in, we talked to the nurse and had a few dates to choose from for our next consultation appointment. We chose the date furthest out – not because we were trying to delay things – but because it was the time slot that worked best for us in terms of our work schedules. Theoretically, I should have been on CD1 for that appointment, and I thought that wouldn’t be ideal, but could work. I knew there was a chance AF would arrive early, and I it was possible I could be on CD 2. I think I used all my good timing karma up in the first visit, because AF came 4 days early, and for tomorrow’s appointment, I’ll be on CD6.

Soooo, that pretty much means we won’t be starting any treatment until late April, and that’s even dependent on what she says about the cyst on my ovary.

On one hand, I’m ok with that. The weather is nice, and I can keep enjoying life and working on getting into better shape. I can sit outside and enjoy an alcoholic beverage and not feel bad about it. On the other hand, I wanted to just get the ball rolling…to get some momentum. It’s the stopping and starting that makes it so hard for me to stick with it — getting up the nerve to make an appointment, and then waiting to actually see the doctor — having a bunch of tests, and then waiting for the consultation — having the consultation, and then waiting to start a medicated cycle. It’s just a slow process, and it gives me too much time to think and wonder if we’re even doing the right thing.