I didn’t make it to the appointment today. We got caught in terrible traffic, and while we had allowed for 35 minutes to get there, it would have easily taken over an hour. The appointment was in the morning, during rush hour, and apparently, there were several accidents in between our house and the RE’s office.

I had dreams last night about the appointment, and they weren’t very pleasant. In my dream, the RE told us that there really weren’t any options for us, but we could try if we wanted to with little odds of success. I think that’s my worst fear –  having to decide whether to try when the chances of something working are incredibly slim. I was kind of nervous about the appointment, and I got increasingly upset as I sat at a standstill on the highway. I don’t even know if upset is the right word….I guess it was more disappointed. It just feels like we are stuck in limbo – more now than ever!

Luckily, the RE was super understanding, and they fit us in next week. At least we don’t have to wait another two weeks to hear what she has to say.