My surgery on Thursday afternoon was (as far as I know) a success. My dr. removed the cyst from my left ovary and also removed some other spots of endometriosis. I have photos that show what she did, but I have no idea what I’m looking at, so I can’t really say much more about the location of the endo or how bad it was. She said that even though it’s stage 3 endo, everything was removed fairly easily, and at least based on the photos, it doesn’t look too bad to me.

My doctor’s report was conveyed to me through my husband, and I have no idea whether I talked to the dr. or not. I don’t think I did, but the nurse told me I did have an ultrasound while in recovery because she was concerned about some of the swelling in my abdomen. I guess the swelling was kind of lopsided, but the ultrasound showed that things were fine, so they propped me up on this wedge thing so that everything would migrate a little bit to the other side of my abdomen (I should add that I didn’t realize I was laying on any kind of support until it was time to try to get out of bed), They also put some ice on my stomach to help with the swelling.

I’m glad I did it, and that I’m starting to feel better. I’m anxious to hear what the dr. has to say when I see her next week, but until then, I’m just focusing on taking care of myself and getting back to normal.