My post-op appointment is later this week, but I am feeling pretty good. I’m not quite ready for yoga or running, but I can move around pretty much like I never had surgery, for the most part. I should remove the steri-strips on my belly button, but I keep putting it off…maybe tomorrow. My other two incisions look good, and since the steri-strips they used for those incisions fell off after surgery (I guess they fell off – I was sort of groggy when the nurse talked to me about it), they have only been covered by band-aids for the last week. I changed the band-aid once, and I finally removed them for good yesterday. Unfortunately, between the shaving and the adhesive from the bandage – combined with my sensitive skin – I have some kind of rash/razor burn/skin irritation that is itchy and driving me crazy. The incisions themselves look good, so I’m not too concerned…it’s more just annoying than anything else. 

I’m really looking forward to my appointment. I hope we can just move right on to IVF asap, but we’ll see what the doctor says and how cooperative my insurance is going to be. I’ll do some IUIs if I have to, and I know it’s possible that an IUI cycle could work, but the chances are just so slim. I feel ready to just give it my best shot. We’ve been trying to have a baby for almost four years, and I’m just done with waiting. 

I mentioned in a previous post that we weren’t interested in using donor eggs. I know that DE would really be my best shot at having a baby – and that the success rates are so much higher – but we just don’t feel that it’s for us. I think it’s a fantastic option for people who feel it’s a good fit, but both people have to be 100% happy with that option. M doesn’t like the DE option for us because he doesn’t want to have a genetic link without me having the same thing. He wants a genetic link to both of us, or no genetic link at all. I have mixed feeling about it, I know I’m not mentally in a place where I’m ready for DE. I guess that could change, but with M feeling the way he does, I think it’s probably just not a good option for us – at least right now. 

Now I just have to hope that my RE has good (or at least not bad) news at my appointment!