I had a good appointment with my RE. Even though I have/had stage 3 endo, it wasn’t as bad as she feared, and even the endometrioma came off relatively easily. She thought my ovaries looked good, and was happy with the way everything went.

Since things weren’t quite as bad as she feared they’d be, she said that we could try IUIs if we wanted to, but that IVF would still obviously give us the greatest chance of success. After trying for four years, going with our best shot sounds pretty good to me, so that was the tentative plan. I told her, though, that it was also dependent on getting my insurance to approve it, since I have infertility coverage.

I read through my benefit materials and emailed the billing/insurance person at my RE’s office to make sure IVF would be covered, and I was also concerned about a section that said that predetermination of benefits is required.

The staff at my RE’s office is fantastic (seriously, they are amazing!), and the insurance/billing person got right on it and contacted my insurance company for me. It turns out that my concerns were valid…that predetermination IS required, but since my RE’s office wasn’t aware of it, they haven’t submitted the paperwork yet. The ins/billing person told me that she had to specifically ask about the predetermination requirement – that even though she was asking about my coverage, the ins. company didn’t offer up that information. So aggravating!

Now, I know I am SO lucky to have this coverage, but it’s frustrating to have everything on hold while we wait to see what they’ll approve. It’s extra aggravating because my period is due in about a week and a half, and the insurance company requires that the documentation be sent by mail! I will be stunned if the approval comes through in time for this cycle, which is extra lame because the timing would have been PERFECT for an IVF cycle. I wondered if maybe we could do an IUI instead, but apparently, all treatment must be preapproved, which I didn’t realize. So, there’s really nothing we can do but wait.

I know it’s not the end of the world, but it feels like it’s so hard to gain any momentum in this. I know the staff at my RE’s office will get things moving on their end as fast as they can, but realistically, I think we will probably be looking at an approval in mid-June. It’s going to get tricky with some work travel I have planned, but I am hoping it will all work out. I would love to do an IVF cycle at the end of May, but it looks like it will be June, or even July. I just need to remember that even though it doesn’t feel like progress, it is, and it will happen…eventually.