I kept meaning to post last week, but work was crazy, and home was crazy, and it just didn’t happen. So, here’s what’s happened since then:

– I am feeling almost 100% normal after the lap. I am back to running and yoga, and even though I can feel the effects of not doing them and am suffering for it, I feel pretty good. Every now and then, I still have some pain in my belly button, but it’s pretty minor. I am surprised I can still feel anything at all, but it’s almost more noticeable than actually painful. It’s almost like a bruise or a sore muscle.

– I had a great appointment with my gynecologist last week! She said my cervix looks good, so hopefully my test results will show the same thing. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!! She isn’t concerned at all about my ability to carry a child (after having an extensive LEEP procedure in July), which was super good to hear, and we talked about my RE and the practice I’m going to for treatment. She had a lot of good things to say about them, and she even told me that she did IVF 15 years ago to conceive her daughter! I thought it was really nice that she told me, and it was just good to hear her thoughts on the whole thing.

– I’m pretty much in limbo as far as treatment goes. AF hasn’t arrived yet, but I also haven’t gotten insurance approval to move forward with treatment yet. I am not counting on getting the approval anytime soon, so I am assuming that this cycle will just be like all the other ones before it. It would be great if I got the approval in time to do an IVF cycle at the end of June, but I’m not sure yet if that will happen. There are also some logistical travel issues that could pose a problem at the end of June, so it’s entirely possible that we won’t do an IVF cycle until the end of July. I wish that weren’t the case, but I can’t spend too much time thinking about it, since it’s totally out of my control.

– Despite the frustrating insurance issue, I feel pretty good mentally/emotionally. I’m trying to use the time to get into better shape and just have fun (unfortunally, I find those two goals in opposition a lot of the time!). I still don’t know what the future holds for us, but I’m determined to make the best of it, either way.

– My birthday and anniversary are this week! Yay!