I had a feeling AF was about to arrive. I held on to a glimmer of hope that maybe my cramping was because I was pregnant, and not because I wasn’t…but as the cramping worsened, I knew it was AF. I was right.

I also thought it was unlikely that we’d get a response from the insurance company approving my infertility treatment in time for this cycle, and it appears I was right about that, too.

I’m not all that disappointed, since it’s what I was expecting, but it’s hard to be on the cusp of turning 38 and feel a little bit antsy to get things going.

I think the tentative plan – assuming I’ve gotten a response from my insurance company by mid-late-June – is to start an IVF cycle then. I have big concerns, though, about a work trip I have scheduled for mid-July. I just don’t know if it’s going to interfere, and I absolutely can’t get out of it. Traveling with all that medication makes me a little nervous, and I worry, too, about being on all that medication and working such long hours. When I travel for work, I am usually working 10-12 hour days. My biggest concern, though, is that the timing of that trip will conflict with an important point in the IVF cycle. When AF arrives in June, I’ll talk to my RE/her nurse about it and see what they think. If it’s too risky, we’re going to ask to do an IUI instead. Since that cycle wouldn’t require 2-3 weeks of bcp’s before starting any other medications, the timing would be ok. Unfortunately, we are traveling (for fun – not work) in August, and I have another work trip scheduled for September. I really, really hope we don’t have to delay IVF until October. I also really, really hope my insurance approval comes through sooner, rather than later. I am assuming 30 days, and I think my RE’s office sent the documentation on the 14th or 15th. AF arrived today, and should be back again around June 19. My short cycles are not making this any easier, but I’m hoping we have the approval by mid-June.

Everything feels like it’s just moving so slowly.