I’ve looked at calendars and plotted things out, and had some discussions with M about the possibility of doing IVF when my cycle starts – which should be next week. My RE always starts with bcp’s, and I already know she wants to use the lupron flare protocol. She plotted an example of an IVF cycle out of me a few months ago, and I looked at some online, too. My RE starts with 2-3 weeks of bcp’s, followed by lupron, then stims, etc.

The only way I’d be able to start IVF (or preparing for IVF, I suppose) next week is if I take bcp’s for three weeks, instead of two. We have a trip planned and a wedding to go to, and I’ll be out of town for five days. Those days are four weeks after my cycle should start, and if I took bcp’s for two weeks, I’d need way too much monitoring by then to be out of town. I could even be getting close to retrieval. If I took them for three weeks, my guess is that I would be on lupron and stims during the trip. It would be early in the process, and I don’t know if they’d let me go five days without being monitored, but I guess I’m wondering now if I even want to deal with IVF while traveling. The IVF nurse thought we could swing it, but after going to the orientation and hearing how important it is to stay in town during the cycle, I’m just wondering if we shouldn’t wait until there’s an easier month. Another issue is that I have to travel in September for work, and it looks like the timing issue is almost identical in September as it is in August.

What do you (the small handful of people who are reading this) think?

Here are our options:

1. Stop worrying and just do it. As long as the IVF nurse thinks we can swing it, start IVF with my next cycle and bring the medication on the trip. Cross our fingers that the timing works out ok, and try not to stress about it.

2. Do a medicated IUI cycle in July and August (which M and I have not tried), and start IVF in September.

3. Stop trying to figure it out and just ask the IVF nurse and the RE what we should do.