I’m over my frustration from last week. I don’t feel like I have a choice, really, but to just deal with it an move on. When I think about the time that’s passing – or has passed – since my lap in April, I can’t help but be aggravated, but it’s not really anyone’s fault. Here’s a quick recap of my delays:

  • May: I realized I didn’t have insurance approval (pre-authorization) to move ahead with any kind of treatment. This was partially my fault, because I should have realized and mentioned it sooner. They really couldn’t have submitted anything, though, until after the lap, because that documented stage 3 endo as a cause fro treatment. The billing person at my RE’s office could have also asked about it earlier, but since the insurance company didn’t mention this requirement when she called to confirm my coverage initially, she didn’t know about it. The insurance company also gave her the wrong information for requesting pre-authorization, which delayed things further.
  • June:  great news – insurance approval received in time for my cycle. Bad news – IVF lab is closed in July, which is when we would need to do the retrieval. Another delay.
  • July: AF arrives a week early. IVF is delayed again because of a trip we have scheduled in August.

We’re going to try to see if IVF will work in August, but I have a work trip in September that I can’t cancel. It keeps lining up where these trips occur exactly when I’d need to be monitored, which is massively frustrating. The worse case scenario is that I’ll start bcp’s for my IVF cycle in September. I only have to take them for a week or two, and while I do have a work trip scheduled for September, I should be on bcp’s then. I have no travel scheduled until November after that, so I am hoping it will work out. I’m counting on it, really. 

It’s massively frustrating to have to wait this long to do anything. I wish I were thinking more clearly when they told me the IVF lab was closed, because I would have asked about doing a medicated IUI instead. I thought of it this time, but with AF’s early arrival and my work trip, it just didn’t work out. I’m annoyed that the nurse didn’t get back to me to confirm that a medicated IUI cycle was out of the question, but I feel like I’m sort of in a strange place at the RE’s office. I was switched over from the all-things-but-IVF (ATBI) nurse to the only-IVF-nurse, and it seems hard to switch back. The IVF nurse is awesome and really responsive, but when I tried to find out about a medicated IUI cycle, I assumed (maybe incorrectly) that the ATBI nurse would be the one to talk to. She never got back to me, which is disappointing. I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt…maybe they just don’t want people switching back and forth between treatment plans out of desperation to do anything at all? 

I thought about asking about a medicated IUI cycle again, but if IVF is delayed again in August (which I am expecting, really), a medicated IUI will also not work because of that trip we have planned. So, IVF it is – and it’s really only a month away, anyway. It just feels like it’s taken forever to get to this point. I just need to make the best of it in the meantime.