It’s been a totally crazy week.

A good friend of mine (the one who got pregnant easily) had a baby. On that same day, another friend was involved in a tragic accident that killed her son. It’s so hard to grasp how one friend could have such happiness on the same day that another is faced with such despair. With all of that, I reconnected with some old friends that I hadn’t talked to in a long time. It was good to be able to work through all of our emotions together, but I’m still struggling with how to show that I’m there for them.

My dad, who spent the winter going through chemo and recovering from multiple surgeries, celebrated another birthday. And he feels well enough to celebrate!

I got my period, which means we have less than 30 days to go to start our IVF cycle.

We’re getting ready to go on a vacation that I have mixed feelings about. It will be good to get away, and it will be good to see some old friends and family. But, the place we’re going is filled with memories for me – some good, and some bad. It makes me feel on edge to think that I never know who I’ll run into or what kind of awkward conversation I might end up in. I know that I’m blowing it out of proportion in my mind, because it’s all just history – and it was eight years ago – and so many of the people I knew there have changed. I need to get over it, and just have fun.

We also need to decide if we’ll tell my in-laws about the upcoming IVF cycle. We’re leaving tomorrow, so I guess we have some time to figure it out. 🙂