Yesterday was CD1. No surprise-last minute pregnancy, but I wasn’t exactly counting on that. I called my IVF nurse, and we’re all set to get started with IVF this month! I have to pick up my bcp’s this week and start taking them on CD5, which will be Saturday. We also both have to take an antibiotic, which I guess is something my RE likes to have her patients do every six months. We both took antibiotics leading up to my HSG, but since it’s taken forever to actually be able to do an IVF cycle, we have to take them again. I can’t believe it’s been six months since I first saw my RE, and we’re finally moving forward!

I think I’ll be on bcp’s for two weeks. In the meantime, my IVF nurse is working on the plan with my RE. The last time we talked, she said I’d be doing the long lupron protocol. I think, from what I remember, they take care of ordering all my medication, but I may have misunderstood. Luckily, there are two weeks to figure it all out.

I’m still doing weekly acupuncture appointments, too. My acupuncturist told me today that my spleen is off, so that’s what we’re working on during the time I’ll be on bcp’s. I had a nice session today. I felt lousy because of AF – crampy and fatigued – and I actually felt a bit better when I left.

In a way, I can’t believe we’re really doing this. I came close to chickening out when AF arrived…but I didn’t. And now we’re (almost) on our way!