I’m super busy at work at the moment, so I’ll have to make this quick.

  • Things are still on track for our IVF cycle. I have 7 more days of bcp’s, after today. Then, I have my baseline sonogram, and if all goes well, I’ll be starting Lupron shortly after that. 2-3 days later, I’ll also start menopur and gonal-f. Yikes!
  • I’ve been really happy with the way my RE’s office has handled everything. They’re super efficient and on the ball – really great to work with. It makes things so much easier!
  • I’m already having a hard time focusing at work – not good.
  • I bought Circle + Bloom. I’m sure it will be helpful, but I haven’t gotten past the intro. The woman’s voice drives me a little crazy. Maybe when I am in the midst of the cycle, it won’t phase me?
  • Both our families know we’re considering IVF, but M’s knows that it’s being planned, where mine just knows it’s on the table. M’s parents seem to want more info, but haven’t come right out and said anything. I don’t want to have to give either family constant updates, so we’re sort of hoping that being vague will work out. We’ll see.
  • M’s family is generally more supportive of IVF. With my family, it’s a little more awkward. They tend to think it’s associated with birth defects and is overall, just sort of ‘asking for trouble.’ It’s just how they feel – there isn’t really getting around it. It’s not based on anything factual – it’s just their reaction. They don’t even come right out and say it, but when a friend of mine got pregnant via IVF, my mom said to me ‘I just hope there’s nothing wrong with the baby.’ We discussed it more, and she sort of took it back, but I know it’s still how she feels. I wouldn’t say they’re against IVF – they’re just not 100% comfortable with it. My mom doesn’t understand why we can’t just let the whole thing go – that having kids isn’t really all that important, anyway. She says she can understand why we’d want to do it, but then adds ‘if having kids is really that important to you,’ as if there’s something wrong with wanting to have a child. When she got pregnant with me, it was unplanned, so she just doesn’t understand. It’s not all that easy to bring up IVF with her, and I’m not even sure what the point would be.