I’ll start this post by saying that I feel bad complaining about my insurance coverage for IVF, because I know so many people would love to have it. That said, it certainly doesn’t make the process any easier.

My IVF cycle in May was delayed because it turned out that predetermination was needed, and the approvals didn’t come through in time. It took over a month to get approval, partially because the insurance company didn’t give my RE’s office the correct instructions the first time.

After dealing with lots of poorly timed travel (mostly for work), we finally have a free month and are on the brink of starting the IVF cycle. Needless to say, the delay since May has made me a bit on edge. Things seemed to be moving along well, but now the hold-up is the medication. The way my insurance company handles prescriptions for IVF is unusual, and it requires yet ANOTHER set of approvals. Apparently, the previous pre-authorization covered the procedure, but not medication. I wanted to scream, but I held it in. Now I am just keeping my fingers crossed that it works out.