I still have no medication for my IVF cycle, and I’m trying not to freak out. Actually – I take that back. I have medication, but I don’t have the medication I need to take on Friday. I have lots of bottles of pills, and I have 26 doses of Crinone gel, but I don’t have lupron, gonal-f, or menopur, and I need to start taking the lupron on Friday morning. It turns out that my insurance company gave my RE’s office the wrong information, and my prescription was sent to the wrong pharmacy. For some reason, someone told my RE’s office that my IVF meds would be covered under my medical plan, instead of my prescription plan. I have no idea why this happened, but as a result, my prescriptions sat at the wrong facility all week. On Wednesday last week, the pharmacist (at what turned out to be the wrong facility) said I needed to get pre-approval for the injectable medications, which would take 24 to 48 hours. He also said we should transfer anything that wasn’t an injection to a local pharmacy. We did that, and on Friday, I picked up a whole bunch of bottles of pills and the gel. I also called the pharmacy that was supposed to be sending the injectable IVF meds to get an update on the status of the shipment, and it was at that point I was told that the prescriptions had to go to another pharmacy all together, because my insurance coverage doesn’t allow that pharmacy to fill prescriptions. The prescription was transferred to the mail-order part of the company that provides my prescription coverage. All along, I was supposed to be going through my prescription plan, and not my medical plan.

It’s hard to explain what happened or why, but the end result is that the pharmacy that is processing the majority of my IVF meds got the prescription on Friday. And I need them to be at my house on Thursday afternoon. And it’s Monday, and I still haven’t heard anything.

I’m trying not to freak out. I’m trying to remain calm, and to not spend too much time thinking about the fact that I’ve been on birth control pills for 17 days, which seems like ample time to get this all figured out. I’m trying not to spend too much energy thinking about the fact that my cycle could end up being canceled because I don’t have the freaking medication, which blows my mind when I think about the fact that I’ve been trying to schedule this IVF cycle since May. I mean, wouldn’t you think there was enough time to get the correct information in the past four months?

It’s driving me crazy that the whole insurance aspect has made this SO complicated, and that I’m super stressed about all of it, before we’ve even really started anything. I’m trying really hard not to freak out, and just hoping it all works out – and soon.