After making several more phone calls yesterday to my RE’s office and to the mail-order pharmacy that’s supposed to be filling my prescriptions, I feel like I am making progress – finally. To make a long story short, the mail-order company can’t fill the order for lupron, so my RE’s office sent that prescription to a local specialty pharmacy yesterday. It’s already ready, and I’m picking it up today! The other prescriptions – follistim (was gonal-f, but follistim is the preferred drug of my prescription plan, so we’re going with follistim – at least this time), menopur, and ovidrel are being filled by the mail-order pharmacy and are not ready yet, but I found out that they ship overnight. As long as they ship by Thursday afternoon, I’ll be all set. I’m going to take a day off from calling them today, but I’m planning to call them first thing in the morning if I haven’t heard from them by then. I already have the other medications – steroids, antibiotics, estrogen, pain killers, and crinone gel – because I was able to pick those up at another local pharmacy. And in case you’re counting – I’ll have purchased drugs from three separate pharmacies in order to get everything on my list of meds.

I’m feeling more confident that I’ll have everything in time to move forward with the IVF cycle, although I’ll really feel better when I have all the drugs I’m supposed to be taking over the next four weeks in my possession. It won’t be long, I hope.

It’s true what they say – you really do have to be your own advocate.