My meds arrived! They were in FOUR boxes, but a lot of it was packing materials. There were 12 items/medications on the original list I got from my RE, and I am happy to say that they are all checked off and are either in the fridge or on a shelf in a closet in my bathroom. I separated the needles into two separate bags and labeled them, because I’m paranoid that I’ll screw them up. I doubt I would, but it’s one less thing to worry about. Twice a day lupron starts tomorrow, and then on Sunday night, we’ll add in the follistim and menopur…and my four shots a day (and an oral steroid) will continue until I have b/w and an ultrasound on the 5th.

Tomorrow is the big day, and we decided to go with 7 am for the lupron. The nurse said it has to be at the same time every day, and 12 hours apart, and recommended going with an early time so that I don’t get screwed up on the days I have to have bloodwork, since that has to be done by 8 am. So, we’re going with 7 am and 7 pm, which will be a bit inconvenient at times, but we’ll make it work.

I feel surprisingly good about all of it. My stomach flip-flops a little when I look at the needles, but I know it will be ok. I just can’t believe it’s finally here, and that we’re actually moving forward. No matter how lousy the experience itself is, I’m determined to make the best of it. Plus, this whole shot-giving phase won’t last forever.

I told my mom yesterday that we were doing IVF, and she was really happy. I didn’t think she would be so positive about it, because in the past she’s been sort of funny, but she said she really just doesn’t want to put any pressure on us or to make me feel bad. I was glad I told her, and that she was so supportive. She used to watch Bill and Giuliana, which is sort of cool, because even though they didn’t show every second of their IVF cycle, she has a little bit of a grasp on it and also knows it’s not a sure thing. A little knowledge and understanding really makes a difference!