My 3rd day of stims was last night (5th day of shots total, when you add in the two days of lupron). It’s becoming a challenge to find a good spots for the injections, partially because I got a few bruises on the second day of follistim and menopur. The shots were starting to hurt a little more, too, so we tried some new techniques last night that I think helped. We mixed the menopur and left it out before getting the lupron and follistim ready, and then we did the menopur last. M also tried pinching the skin to insert the needle, but then letting it go while injecting the medication (he previously kept it pinched the whole time). He found it easier, but he did pinch the skin again on the way out because he felt it made it easier to withdraw the needle in a straight line. I also applied pressure with gauze after, even if I wasn’t really bleeding. Something must have worked, because I have NO bruises today from the three shots – just three tiny red dots. I think my stomach is just getting more sensitive overall, but it was an improvement.

I feel good, but there are times I think I feel more lethargic than I usually would. I tend to feel better during the day than at night, but last night I felt good, too. My stomach is starting to stick out a little bit, and some of my pants are uncomfortable. I’ve been really wavering on what to do about exercising. I was sore on Monday and Tuesday morning from moving pavers over the weekend, so I skipped those runs. Since I’d also skipped my weekend runs because of the weather and the yard work, it’s been a week since I’ve run. I lose my endurance really quickly, so running today would have been tough even if I weren’t on all this medication. I decided to go for a brisk walk instead, with the idea that I’d run if I felt like it. I did try a few times, but I’m just too paranoid about it. I can’t seem to enjoy it. I felt the same way after my LEEP procedure and my lap in April – I just can’t throw myself into it unless I believe it’s really ok to do it (I think I waited 4 weeks after the LEEP and maybe 3-4 weeks after my lap). Plus, I felt a little crampy and woozy after my second attempt to run during my walk. I had a nice walk, anyway, and while it isn’t the same, I suppose it’s better than nothing. Unfortunately, I also skipped yoga. I take a class at night, and I would have had to leave 15 minutes after we finished my injections. I just never know how I’ll feel after, and my tummy was sore. So, I skipped it. I feel like I’m being lazy or overly conservative, but I can’t help it. I feel guilty if I don’t go, but I worry that I’ll be uncomfortable if I do. I wish I didn’t feel so indecisive! Maybe this is why some doctors allow so little leeway – at least it would take the pressure off!

I’m dreading and looking forward to my doctor’s appointment tomorrow so I can find out how things are going. It’s all worth it if my ovaries are doing what they’re supposed to do! I’m trying not to worry, but it’s kind of hard not to. I just hope I get a good report with lots of good-sized follicles. I have acupuncture today, so hopefully that will help keep me from stressing about it! I’ve been listening to my circle + bloom recordings at night, too. I have to say, they’ve grown on me. I think I may need to listen to them a little earlier in the day, though. I dozed off before it was finished the other day, and last night, I found it hard to focus. They’re certainly relaxing, anyway!