ER will be Friday, or Saturday at the latest. I have 2 follicles measuring 18, 2 17.5’s, and a 16 that are good to go. There are also 4 12’s and a 13, and my RE is going to see how things play out by tomorrow to see if we can’t get some of those to progress. She said most likely it will be Friday, but the Saturday possibility is still looming out there. There are pros and cons to a Saturday retrieval…but since it’s not really within my control, it’s not really worth spending a lot of time thinking about.

What I am thinking about is the possibility that I just have one more blood draw (oh how I hope it’s only one more blood draw), one more ultrasound, and one more night of follistim/menopur/lupron shots. I can deal with two nights, but it would be so nice if this was it. The blood draw is honestly the thing that is getting to me, and I’ve only had to go three times! I got a nasty bruise from my bloodwork on Sunday, though, and that means all the others have to come out of my other arm. I hope tomorrow is the last time, at least for a little while. Knowing the end is in sight is making it harder to stay upbeat. The shots aren’t all that bad, but part of it, for me, is my frame of mind. I don’t think about whether they hurt, or how inconvenient they can be – I just do it (well, my husband just does it; I lay there and don’t complain). Knowing I’m almost finished, though…I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m ready for the next phase – to see how many eggs they can actually get, how they look, how they fertilize, and what quality of embryos we get. I’m ready, except I’m not. I’ve been responding fairly well (esp. for my age and low AMH), and part of me wants to stay in the happy place, where I’m not getting bad news. I’m ready to move on, except I’m not…but either way, it’s almost here. And I guess that is a little bit exciting.