ER is Friday. I have 5 follicles that measure right around 20-21, and 5 that are 14’s (there are around 14 follicles all together, but some are too small). I know that 5 is ok, but I really hope that some of the 14’s catch up, at least a little, by Friday morning. It’s just such a huge difference – 5 vs 10! My RE thought it was odd that there are none in between, and said she can’t say for sure if the 14’s will be mature enough or not until the ER is underway. Only time will tell, I suppose. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I had acupuncture this afternoon, and we’ll do my ovidrel shot tonight. I’m still waiting to find out the time of the shot and the time of the retrieval on Friday, but I should get a call later this afternoon. Until then, I’ll just be sending good thoughts to my ovaries and hoping that the big eggs stay put while the smaller ones continue to grow.

I feel relatively sane. I’m getting some work done in anticipation of taking Friday off, and just trying to remain calm. I’m getting sore, though, and as usual, I’m kind of tired. Overall, though, I’m trying to just find a balance between optimism and reality, and honestly just not think about it more than I need to!