One of the craziest things about doing IVF, for me, is the way my body changes every day. While doing injections, my abdomen grew almost daily. I don’t know if it was just bloat, or swollen ovaries, or most likely, a combination of both. The day we did the ovidrel shot, I had to start taking cabergoline because my estradiol was getting high, and my dr. thought I was at risk for OHSS. I also had to get a scale to make sure I wasn’t gaining more than 3-5 lbs in a day.

Surprisingly, my abdomen was a little smaller on the day of my retrieval than it was a few days prior. Between Friday (the day of my ER) and Sunday, I lost weight. My tummy was getting small – and on Sunday, I actually weighed less than I did at the beginning of the IVF cycle. Now, though, the bloat is back. I don’t know if it’s the crinone (progesterone), or just the after-effects of stimulating my ovaries, but I’m back to looking slightly pregnant. And the weight is creeping back up – although not in a dangerous way. Still, though – I gained a lb and a half since yesterday, and my pants – they’re tight.

I can’t say it’s all that bothersome…but it’s just incredible how much changes from one day to the next. It’s always a surprise!