The transfer went really well yesterday.

My appointment was originally at 12:15, and I had instructions to take an antibiotic with a full glass of water at 11:45 and arrive at 11:15. My RE’s office called in the morning and asked if we could come in 15 minutes early, which wasn’t an issue. Of course, I panicked when I saw they were calling me – I was afraid they were going to say my embryos didn’t make it – but thankfully, it was just a minor time change.

I went for a walk in the morning and decided it would make sense for me to drive M to work and then pick him up on the way to the dr. I had taken the day off, so I figured it would save him some time. It did, but I ended up having a hectic morning instead, which was not at all what I planned. By the time I got back from dropping him off, I had less than an hour to shower and get out the door. I had planned to listed to circle + bloom before going, but ran out of time. 😦

I picked M up on time, though, and that meant I could relax a little on the way there. When we arrived, they took us in right away and had me change into a gown. M got to put a gown on over his clothes, too. A friend had warned me to drink a good amount of water, but I wanted to find that sweet spot between ‘my bladder is full’ and ‘I think I may wet the bed.’ I drank water on the way there, and the nurse came in a little after 11 to give me more water and a valium. I asked her about the water quantity, and she said that my dr. like a pretty full bladder, and her advice was to not be thinking ‘I think I could pee,’ but to instead be like, ‘wow, I definitely have to pee.’ She said they could always use a catheter to drain some out after the transfer, which sounded terrible to me, but the nurse (who had also gone through IVF) said it wasn’t as bad as laying there having to pee – or as bad as having them fill my bladder for me.

While I was chugging water, the embryologist came in, which was what I was really waiting for! He said we had two good-looking blastocycts that were ready to go, which was such a relief! He gave us some info about them – what made them good, etc – and then went over the remaining ones that they’ll try to freeze. One of those, he said, probably won’t make it, but he said the others could go either way. I was just so relieved to know we had two good ones for the transfer!

Around 12:00, they wheeled us back to the procedure/operating room and got me all ready to go – speculum, heavy duty stirrups, cleaning my cervix, etc. My RE said my bladder was really full, which was great for the transfer. The embryologist verified that we still wanted to go with 2 embryos and went into another room to get them ready. I think my dr. did something to thread an empty catheter through my cervix, but I don’t totally remember. There was a big screen in the room, and eventually (although honestly – it felt like we were waiting for ages!) my last name appeared. We could see the embryos being sucked into the catheter, which was cool. It was all kind of surreal! He brought the catheter with our embryos in the room and handed it to my dr. She got the catheter into position and counted 3..2..1, and then it was done! It was all sort of happy and strange.

I’ve realized that every clinic does things differently, and mine has patients lie flat in bed for 30 minutes after the transfer. My dr. is very much of the ‘they aren’t going to fall out’ mindset, but she still follows the 30-minute rule. Since my bladder was so full, she and one of the nurses recommended that they use a catheter to empty my bladder. They said it would hurt, but only for a second, and would make the 30 minutes much more bearable. It did hurt, but they were right – only for a second. What a strange sensation, though! They were impressed that I could hold almost a liter of fluid in my bladder without complaining. 🙂

After that, they wheeled me back to the room where we hung out for 30 minutes, and then I lounged around the rest of the day at home. I’m back working today, but my job is pretty sedentary. I went to acupuncture today, too. I feel really self-conscious about my activity level, and that’s driving me crazy. I feel fine, but every time I walk down the stairs, bend over, or let the dog out, I wonder if it’s too much. I think that will get better with each day. Other than that, I just keep thinking about how I’ve got these embryos inside me! It’s kind of wild. I thought ‘my embryos and I are off to acupuncture!’ earlier today, and it made me smile. I know it sounds silly, but I’m trying to just be in the moment and embrace the fact that right now, I know they’re in there.