I just called the lab, and two of our embryos were able to be frozen on day 6! I’m stunned and happy to know we have an option if this cycle fails, and if it doesn’t, a chance for a sibling! I know it’s not a sure thing, but it’s certainly an unexpected bonus!

It’s hard to describe my mental state at the moment. I guess I just feel quiet. I wonder whats going on in my uterus and what the outcome will be, but I can’t say I’m stressed or overly anxious – not yet, anyway. I’m sort of in awe of the whole process. I’m just amazed that there are two embryos in my uterus and another two on ice. I never thought we’d do IVF, and now that we have, I’m sort of stunned that we got to this point. There are so many people rooting for us – so many prayers and good wishes – it’s kind of overwhelming, in a way. Imagine how I’ll feel if I find out I’m pregnant???

I’m trying to just take things one day at a time and be peaceful and relaxed. Sometimes I think I’m too relaxed because I have a terrible habit of falling asleep while listening to my circle + bloom recordings! It’s kind of irritating, because I don’t make it past the relaxation part. It’s almost like I’m developing a reaction to the woman’s voice, and as soon as I hear it, I fall asleep! I want to her the cycle specific bits, but it’s not going well lately. I’m going to try today after work and see if I have better luck than listening at bedtime. Anyway – the point is that I am trying to be peaceful and relaxed. Taking it easy has been hard…I work from home and usually take a lot of breaks to do laundry, vacuum, water the garden, etc., and I don’t feel like I should really be doing those things. It’s not easy, especially since M has been working long hours to make up for the time he used taking me to the retrieval and transfer (it’s also just a busy time for him). I did walk out to the garden today, but on my way back, a bee buzzed by my head, and I instinctively ran toward the house. Then, I had a moment of panic because I’m not supposed to be running! Stupid bee! My RE is the least strict at the practice, though, and I don’t think she’d care if I actually went for a run, as long as it was at a slower pace. It’s just hard not to be overly cautious!

So, happy news for a Friday. Two embryos are frozen, and two are hanging out with me – hopefully getting nice and cozy for a 9-month stay.