Tomorrow is beta day! I’ll get up early in the a.m. and head over to the lab hopefully by 7. It’s not far from my house, so even with traffic, I should be there by 7:15 and home by 8, at the latest. I looked through the info. from my RE’s office, and it says I can call for results after 1:30. I don’t know if that means they aren’t going to call, but I’m expecting that I won’t know anything until the afternoon. I have a meeting from 1-3 that will hopefully end early, so I’ll plan to call when it’s over if I haven’t heard by then.

I’m dying to know the results, but I feel somewhat prepared for either. I’ll be disappointed if it’s negative, obviously, and beyond thrilled if it’s positive, and at this point, I don’t have any idea what it will be. I guess I’m leaning more toward positive than negative, but I’m a far cry from thinking that I’m definitely pregnant. I’m trying somewhat unsuccessfully to not think about it at all. It will be good to know either way. I can deal with bad news, but I don’t deal all that well with the waiting. Tomorrow, we’ll have the test and move forward one way or another.