It was positive!!!

My hcg was 70, which they said was a good number considering how early it is (8dp5dt). I’m sort of stunned and am so excited, but I’m also so cautious. It’s just SO early. I think I’ll feel better if the second test looks good, and then I guess as time goes on, I’ll just start really believing it. For now, though, I’m so happy knowing I’ve still got at least one of our embryos, and I’m trying to just go with it for today. For today, I am pregnant (it’s so crazy to even type that!). I’m sort of afraid my progesterone is on the low side (10), but I’m still waiting for a call from my dr. about my medications and the next time to get bloodwork. Maybe it’s fine, or maybe she’ll tell me to start crinone twice a day instead of once. It’s sort of hard to compare because I read that crinone doesn’t show up in your bloodstream as much as PIO would. Maybe I’m just finding something to worry about.

Right now, though, it’s great news! I still can’t really believe it.