I got the results of my bloodwork back today, three days since I stopped taking crinone. It was ok – my progesterone was 25 – so a significant decrease from what it was, but high enough that they said I don’t need to go back on it. They said they want it above 15, and that 25 is normal. I’d feel better if it were maybe 30, or even 35. My estradiol continued to increase once I stopped taking medication, and it would have been nice if my progesterone did the same thing. I know they said its fine, and I’m trying to trust them, but I would feel better if it were just a bit higher. I wish I could just relax and not worry so much, but it’s so hard.

I’m not having any bloodwork or anything until the 26th, which is my next ultrasound. I am just keeping everything crossed that everything continues to be ok.