I have no idea if anyone is even reading this anymore, but I’ve been looking at some other blogs to see how my pregnancy symptoms/size/etc. compare to others. I’m going to try to post updates every week or so, and these will be entirely about pregnancy, so for those who are not feeling up to reading, I completely understand.

Total weight gain:
7-8 lbs. I gained about 5 lbs in the first 12-13 weeks and am trying to just keep my weight gain gradual and not excessive. During the first trimester, I had to just keep eating, or I felt sick. It was sort of bizarre to not eat when I was hungry, but because I was feeling queasy. I was afraid my weight gain was going to be really excessive, but 5 lbs is about average (maybe a tad on the high side). I was a totally normal weight when I got pregnant (but actually lost a few lbs during IVF).

Maternity clothes:
I had to start wearing maternity pants around 13 weeks. Before that, I was using a belly band with my regular jeans unbuttoned, but once they wouldn’t zip, the belly band became a little awkward. I’m not sure why I outgrew my pants so early. My clothes are generally very fitted, and I’m picky about the way everything fits, so I wonder if it’s partially just my level of tolerance for having clothes that are too tight. I can’t wear any full panel pants, but the low-rise demi panel pants and skirts from Old Navy and the Gap are great. There’s no way these jeans will fit throughout my whole pregnancy, but I’m ok with that. I also started buying some maternity shirts. I don’t need them, but the elastic waistband of the maternity jeans and pants is sometimes hard to cover up with regular shirts. I also went up a cup size, which isn’t helping things. Maternity shirts will fit me if they’re empire waist – everything else is too big. I can still wear some of my regular tops and sweaters if they’re long enough, too.

Stretch marks:
none so far.

I don’t sleep as well as I used to. Sometimes I wake up to pee, but other times I just wake up. I used to sleep really soundly.

I don’t think so. I’ve wondered if I felt it once or twice, but then I think it’s probably gas. 😦

Tons. I thought maybe these would go away in the second trimester, but I think they’re here to stay. Things I normally ate all the time – fresh vegetables, salads, chicken – all sound terrible. Vegetables are also still making me feel sick most of the time.

98% chance we’re having a girl! I had a blood test to see if the baby’s blood type is positive or negative (I have o negative blood), and the test also showed the babys sex. We’re super excited!

I still get worn out easily, but it’s much better than before. I also have sore breasts, but it’s better than it was throughout the first trimester. I still get nauseous at times, but it’s not bad. My skin is also dry.

I’m taking a regular yoga class (which I took before being pg) and modifying the poses. I stopped running and am trying to walk 3 times a week, but that hasn’t been happening. I need to be better about it. I also bought a prenatal exercise video that I plan to start soon, and I’m hoping to take a prenatal yoga class in February.

What I miss:
Wine and beer; not second-guessing everything I eat; running

What I look forward to:
Having a real baby bump. Right now I look like I drank a lot of beer.


Second trimester!
Also, this isn’t really a milestone, but we found out that M is not a carrier for cystic fibrosis, which was a big relief!

Medical concerns:
My post-LEEP cervix (my concern…not my doctor’s)

We have! Not as often, but nothing bad happens when we do.