I contacted my old acupuncturist today to see if she had any experience with acupuncture and IVF. I was sort of torn about going back to her. On one hand, I like her, and the location is convenient. She’s also sort-of affordable, at least compared to acupuncturists where we live. I like it that it’s just her, and I’m not walking into some big practice. She also doesn’t sell herbs or anything like that, so there’s no pressure.

On the other had, because it’s just her, I’m putting a lot of faith in the fact that she knows what she’s doing. She’s not affiliated with my RE’s office (I think there’s an acupuncturist who is), and even though she says she has experience with IVF, she probably doesn’t have the same level of experience as a person who pretty much only deals with acupuncture for infertility. She’s a very kind person, though, and I don’t think she would say that she could do something that she couldn’t – just to make money.

There’s a small part of me that wonders if she has issues with IVF and thinks I’m being too aggressive (which would be sort of funny after ttc for four years), but it could easily be my own paranoia. I don’t remember her saying anything specific to make me think that. The other issue, though, is how hard it was to stop seeing her last time. I really felt like I was breaking up with her, and I don’t want to have to deal with that again. It’s a silly reason, but I think it would be easier to stop treatment if I were going to some large facility that had a receptionist.

In the end, though, I decided to go back to her. I’m hoping to work something out within the next couple weeks, so I’ll have a month of acupuncture before I start stims. I think it will be good for me, and I think the other benefit will be that I can get used to the weekly visits before adding in all the needles and everything. I’m concerned about being overwhelmed.

I think I’m going to fork over the $ for circle + bloom, too. I need all the help I can get!